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Exploring Frontier Land: Historic Auto Attractions 2024 Season Opening and Renovations

Welcome to Historic Auto Attractions! In this special video, Wayne invites you to experience the magic of our 2024 season opening and the remarkable renovations that have transformed Frontier Land.

Step into a world that feels like a journey back in time to the western frontier of a bustling local town. Explore our meticulously recreated attractions, including the sheriff's office, dentist, barber shop, stable, motel, and saloon, each designed to immerse you in the sights and sounds of a bygone era.

What sets this exhibit apart is its unique history. The materials used for these renovations were salvaged from the iconic Rockford Speedway, a beloved local landmark that recently closed its doors. For Wayne, who spent much of his youth racing at the speedway, this project is deeply personal. He is honored to play a part in preserving its legacy and sharing its history with visitors like you.

Join us as we celebrate the rich history of the Rockford Speedway and the opening of this extraordinary exhibit. Let Historic Auto Attractions be your gateway to the past, where every visit is a step back in time and a new adventure awaits.


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